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CGImodels online store has been developed by group of the 3D artists and designers who provide the most easiest way of buying and selling of CGI (computer generate images) models. The main purpose of the project is to provide high quality buy/sell web interface without any uselessness, raise the quality of 3D model and users motivation by maximum royalties. Welcome package of 50 free credits is offered by CGImodels for new registered members to improve quality of service and first touch with marketplace.



Stepan Prokop is one of the founders of CGImodels. He is highly experienced in creating of low poly models and game modeling and occasionally he creates some models for movie industry and advertising
I hope you will find what you looking for at CGImodels


Jaroslav Cermak is one of the founders of CGImodels. He is a professional 3d artist with experience in modeling, visualizations, advertising and movie industry.
I want to offer the most professional products to my customers at CGImodels


Jiri Adamec is one of the well-known czech 3d artists. He is highly experienced in high definition modeling with practice in all sectors of cgi industry.
I have joined CGImodels with my personal works because it is the most comfortable place to sell models